Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Cupcakes :)

It's been a while~I don't think I could ever be much of a blogger~but I do love reading other's!! Some of them inspire me to be a better person and to quit slacking..Life is the usual~ calm most day's..need to find way's to deal with stress other than wanting to eat :)
This is a picture of something I love to look at and try and make..but really don't enjoy eating..they are such a HAPPY treat~with so many endless possibilities!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Has this phrase ruined my life??..Is there such a thing as Happily Ever After??
I hope so :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The ABC's about Sandy...

A=love Apples..
B=Reading Blogs,I spend too much time doing.
C=CUPCAKES are so Happy.
D=tired of the word DIET.
E=Exhausted all the time..
F=fearful trying new thing's..
H=Happy thing's are my favorite.
I=I love my girl's more than anything..
J=Jordan is my babby(Jordan's word)..and alway's will be..
K=Kaitlan is my oldest, and more stubbborn than her Mom..
L=Laughing is the best medicine!!
M=Movie theater's are the best!!
N=Night shift is the pit's..reason for letter "E"
O=Oatmeal..and Oliver the kitty..favorite thing's..
P=Peeps..Oliver's favorite stuffed toy..Pickles..Yummo..
Q=quiet time in the morning, with computer and Coffee..nothing better than that!!
R=roll's..California Roll' it!!
S=sleeping..what a Luxury..Sleeping of her on my Right ankle..
T=TV~don't watch it much..can't wait for my DVR..
U=Un~cool..motherhood make's you that..according to teenager'
V=vacation..would love to go to Disneyland..
W=wax my eyebrow's..need to do..Wii Fit~I want one..
X=xray..I fill out too many xray slip's at work..
Y=used to say YES too much..
Z=love zoo's in other States..Az the animal's all hide..too hot..